BETH SHRUM, Pilates Instructor

Having trained in ballet for 16 years, starting in California, to Pinkerton in Carson City, onto Walnut Hill in Boston, to the Utah Ballet and then professionally with the City Ballet of San Diego, Beth has extensive background in movement. Pilates became a part of her life during her last 4 seasons in ballet and continued her education teaching for the late Julian Littleford of J.L. Body Conditioning in Del Mar, CA, and onto certifications in mat Pilates in 2001 and apparatus in 2003 through renowned Marie Jose Bloom of Long Beach Dance Conditioning under the direction of Cathleen Murakami of Synergy Systems in Encinitas, CA.

Since then Beth owned Full Circle Pilates in Flagstaff, AZ for nine years, created her own Pilates certification programs, Full Circle Pilates Integrative Training, continues to teach in Denmark for the Chiropractic Clinic Rygcenter of Herning and in 2017 for the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics, continues to expand her knowledge in bodywork modalities including a revolutionary neuro-receptor therapy called P-DTR, Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jose Palomar.

Outside of productive work life, Beth explores and shares her Sierra mountain backyard with her hubby and their seven wild and crazy Siberian sled dogs and travels the world when the opportunity unfolds.


J.L Body Conditioning, Julian Littleford, Del Mar, CA, 2001

Mat Pilates Level 1 and 2, Synergy Systems, Cathleen Murakami, Encinitas, CA, 2001

Pilates Apparatus, Long Beach Dance Conditioning, Marie Jose Bloom under Cathleen Murakami, Synergy Systems, Encinitas, CA, 2003

Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College, Pilates instructor, 2005-7

Touch for Health Kinesiology, Level 1 and 2, Prescott and Flagstaff, AZ, 2006-2007

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Scottsdale, AZ, 2007

Visceral manipulation, Barral Institute, Albuquerque, NM, 2008

Cadaver course, Barral Institute, UC Davis, CA, 2011

P-DTR, Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, Certified Basic and Intermediate, Dr. Jose Palomar and Carl Alexander, Oakland, CA, 2015 - current

Owner, Full Circle Pilates, Flagstaff, AZ, 2003-2012

Creator and educator of Full Circle Pilates Integrative Training, Mat and Apparatus certification programs, K2 Pilates, 2013 - current

SUSIE LANGFORD - Pilates Instructor

A native of Northern Nevada, Susie began her Pilates journey as a client at K2 Pilates in September of 2011.  Her passion for the practice was evident and it wasn't long before she started training to become and instructor.  Susie is the first fully certified graduate of Beth Shrum's Integrative Training Pilates program.  Her extensive education includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Pilates Chair, Spine Corrector and Baby Arc...completing more than 540 hours of education including lecture, lab and teaching.  Susie recently traveled to Denmark to assist Beth in Pilates training for a clinic of Physical Therapists.  An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, Susie is the proud mother of three daughters, Bergitta, Morgan and Hunter, and resides in Gardnerville. 
Integrative Training
Full Circle Pilates, Elizabeth Shrum

Comprehensive Apparatus Certified, June 2014
Anatomy and Mat Pilates Certified, March 2013

Balanced Body
Center of Balance, Tom McCook
Reformer 1 and Principles of Pilates, January 2012

TRX certified

      Instructor Bios

Julie Roth, SPIN Instructor

Julie Roth was born in upstate NY and attended Clarkson University. After graduation she started working as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Manger for GE. In 2009, she was transferred to the Minden, NV office. She is a certified industrial hygienist and received her spin certification through Cycling Fusion. When she’s not working or teaching spinning she enjoys Pilates, mountain biking, skiing, and traveling with her husband, Will.


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KATIE BRANNAN - Pilates/SPIN Instructor and Owner

A native of Sandpoint, Idaho, Katie Brannan's passion for Pilates began when she moved to Gardnerville in the fall 2003.  She started taking Pilates regularly at Body by Pilates in Minden and followed the studio as it transitioned to Pilates Power in Gardnerville.  Katie started her Pilates certification education in San Francisco in June of 2009 through the Balanced Body University program.  She completed the Reformer and Movement Principles program with Elizabeth Larkam - an internationally recognized Master Trainer of Pilates and innovator of Mind-Body Movement.
Katie's interest in sports and fitness training began early as she started skiing at the age of four and ski-racing by the time she was six.  She spent her winters on the slopes, summers in the lake, and every fall was spent playing volleyball.
She discovered her fascination of travel and languages early-on after her mother took her to a Formula One car race in Phoenix in 1990.  The speed, excitement and international flair captivated Katie and from that day forward - her walls were covered in racecars, and her time was spent studying the sport, the business of the sport and traveling to IndyCar and Formula One events whenever possible!
Katie studied Business and Language Communications (Spanish, French and German) at Arizona State University.  She graduated from ASU in 1999 and moved to California to work as a public relations representative for PPI Motorsports, a professional racing team competing in NASCAR, Champ Car and the SCORE Off-Road Series.  She went on to spend 10 years working as a publicist for teams, sponsors, drivers and actors in racing.  During that time she had the pleasure of assisting in the production of television episodes based around the teams she worked for, including hit shows "Modern Marvels," "CSI Miami," "Dangerous Jobs" and others.  While she still consults on racing projects, the beauty of the Carson Valley has lured her away from the extensive travel requirements of her profession.

After fulfilling her dream of a career in professional motorsports, Katie and her husband Kyle purchased "Pilates Power" and re-named it "K2 Pilates" on January 12th, 2009.
Since the inception of K2 Pilates, the studio has grown to include studio cycling,  Pilates Chairs and has introduced two new exercise concepts to the Carson Valley - the popular "BARRE" fitness program,  and "The K2."  The K2 class combines SPIN and Pilates - featuring 30 minutes of cardio exercise on the SPIN bikes, followed by 30 minutes of stretching, strengthening and core work on the Pilates reformer.

K2 Pilates was voted "Carson Valley's Best Pilates and Yoga Studio" by the readers of the local newspaper, "The Record Courier," two years in a row, and Katie was honored with the "Businesswoman of the Year" award by in 2012.

In 2011 it looked like the studio may be changed to "K3 Pilates" with the arrival of Katie and Kyle's baby boy.  However "Vaughn" was given a family name and the "K2" legacy grows in Gardnerville, entering its eighth year in 2017.

Pilates and Beyond, San Francisco
Balanced Body University - Elizabeth Larkam
Reformer I and Movement Principles, June 2009
Pfilates Certified - Dr. Bruce Crawford
Pilates for the pelvic floor, July 2010

JESSICA MCGRATH -  Pilates, Barre and Spin Instructor

Born in Southern CA, Jessica was raised in Gardnerville.  An avid skier since the age of 2, Jessica trained most of her life as a competitive snow boarder.  Pilates became a part of her life after she suffered a back injury in 2002, while competing to be in the winter Olympics.  She was introduced to Pilates mat classes and SPIN by her sister in South Lake Tahoe, and fell in love with her bodies response to the practice. Jessica moved back to the valley from Tahoe in 2009 and found K2 who inspired her to begin her Pilates certification.  A student of Balanced Body University and training with Tom McCook, she completed her initial Reformer training in 2010 and continued her education with Beth Shrum completing her Anatomy and Mat certification program!
Jessica has extensive background in movement and has explored a multitude of levels in healing and touch therapy.  Her approach to Pilates and SPIN is influenced by her studies in human anatomy and kinesiology.  She is also a graduate of the South Lake Tahoe Massage School.
Patient and dedicated, Jessica works closely with clients to identify and help heal imbalances, with the ultimate goal of empowering them in their day-to-day activities. Her energy is contagious and her classes are challenging yet invigorating. Outside of teaching and exercise, she and her husband Justin love to spend time outdoors with thier young children Declan and Adaline. 

Center of Balance, Mountain View, CA
Balanced Body University - Tom McCook

Reformer I and Movement Principles

Full Circle Pilates Integrative Training,  Gardnerville, NV
Anatomy and Mat Certification and Training with Beth Shrum
March 2013

Barre Instructor Training Program, Incline Village, NV
Barre Biz, Carrie Haines
Dec. 2014

South Lake Tahoe Massage School

NCBTMB Certified (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

RAECHEL PROSSER, Pilates and Barre Instructor

A native of the Carson Valley, Raechel is a graduate of Beth Shrum's comprehensive Integrated Pilates certification program.  Raechel's 16 years of dancing for The Dance Workshop led to her passion for Pilates, "Pilates has been life changing for me.  It has made me much more aware of my own body movement, and taught me the changes I need to make to feel my best."  In addition, Raechel helped K2 Pialtes launch their "Barre" program.  Her ballet experience and skills shine through her detailed and challenging Barre instruction.  Raechel is a graduate of UNR and when she is not dancing or practicing Pilates, she loves to travel and spend time with her friends and family.

Integrative Training
Full Circle Pilates, Elizabeth Shrum
Comprehensive apparatus Certified, September 2014 - May 2015
Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Spine Corrector, Baby Arc and Mat

Barre Instructor Training Program
Barre Biz,Incline Village, NV - Carrie Haines
Dec. 2014