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 SPIN® is an  indoor cycling program is one of the best cardiovascular training programs available. 

We are the home of "The K2," this 1 hour class features 30 minutes of SPIN followed by 30 minutes of Pilates for the perfect combination of cardio, flexibility and strength training.

Are you looking for the PERFECT combination of Cardio and Strength training?  Try The K2!
30 minutes of Spin followed by 30 minutes of Pilates...Additional purchases are not required for the K2 classes.  Your package can be used for the traditional 1 hour Pilates class or the K2 class.

Step it up!  You'll love this combination.

We now offer The Super K2 at the same price!   45 mins of SPIN followed by 45 mins of Pilates.

Now offering SPIN®... Cardiovascular exercise has numerous health benefits, in addition to burning calories, strengthening your legs and hips, and lowering your body fat, SPIN will strengthen your heart and lungs.  Since heart disease is the leading cause of premature death for both men and women, cardiovascular fitness is crucial to your long-term health and fitness.

Home of "The K2":  This 1 hour class consisting of 30 minutes of SPIN® and 30 minutes of Pilates for the ultimate fitness combination!  You'll get your heart-rate up with a terrific cardio work-out during the first 30 minutes in SPIN, followed by 30 minutes of strength, flexibility and core training on the Reformer.  This class is suited for all levels and clients feel incredible with this combination! In addition it is a blast and you will feel energized the rest of the day!

Equipment: We are an official SPINNING® studio, we have seven Star Trac Pro spin bikes.  We are the only SPIN facility in the Carson Valley to offer the SPIN computer. 

Maximize Your Ride:  Get the feedback you need to get the results you want! K2 has the new Spinning® Computer, which provides continuous access to cadence, heart rate and distance or time traveled. This is a great tool to maximize your SPIN class for training and weight-loss.  Most clients burn between 275-350 calories in the 30 minutes of SPIN during the K2 class.
Schedule: K2 Pilates offers early morning, mid-morning and evening classes.  Please check our class schedule page for details.  To sign up, please either sign-up on the class schedule page or call the studio at 783-9033 to reserve your bike! 

It's one credit for any class at K2...so your package will accommodate Pilates, SPIN or Barre classes!